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Gaétane Riendeau, M.A., c.o. / Richard Poitras, M.Ed., c.o.

Members of the Ordre des Conseillers et Conseillères d'Orientation du Québec

Laurie Ann Poitras / William Forest

Employment counselors

Undergraduate students in career development at UQÀM

Audrey Scott

Administrative assistant

We offer ...


  • Psychometric assessment, interpretation of such assessments
    and establishing professional profile;
  • Career exploration in light of the background and circumstances of each person;
  • Academic and career information to achieve a realistic action plan.

            Appointments available quickly the day, evening and Saturday.


  • Professional repositioning;
  • Inserting or vocational rehabilitation;
  • Return to the labor market;
  • Loss or change of employment;
  • Shift due to an accident or illness;
  • Unemployed or shift after 50 years;
  • Dissatisfaction with the curriculum;
  • Academic motivation;
  • Return to school;
  • Career advancement.
  • Advice and guidance for resume;
  • Resume writing;
  • Effective job search techniques;
  • Research training and market research;
  • Professional assessment and skills transfer;
  • Identification of potential employers;
  • Coaching for a successful interview.

Educational and Vocational Guidance

Reorientation and career transition

Reintegration into the labor market

Search courses and market research

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